Financial Reporting

It is true that  many businesses do not have the time, the desire, or the ability to prepare their own monthly financial reports.  To hire a full time qualified Certified Accountant to prepare  and analyze your financials you would need to pay over $100K per year.

This is where Management Accounting Group can help you.  MAG will work with your existing people and business systems to get you quality monthly financial reporting.

Your operating info will be gathered and organized so that your most important business reports will be delivered to you.  Your Balance Sheet will show you your financial position each month with respect to assets and liabilities.  Your Profit and Loss Statement will show you your sales, gross margin, operating expenses and net income.  And your Statement of Cash Flow will tell you why your cash position increased or decreased during the month.

Certified accounting observations and recommendations based on this vital information will accompany your statements.  The information also will be posted in your own secure client area on .

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